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Let This Spirit Moo-ve You: Make Way For The World's First Milk Vodka

"The whey, once a waste product used for pig feed, is processed using a special strain of yeast to convert lactose into milk beer that is then distilled into vodka. It takes about 20 liters of milk to produce enough whey to make one liter of vodka."

That's right-- someone has figured out whey recycling! We don't plan on stocking liquor anytime soon but wow this is just one more unexpected things you can do with milk!


Do you need this today? I need this today.

"This Orphan Baby Goat And His Human Friend Are Inseparable"

SO adorable! <3

Giant puppies Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

Using swedish herding call "kulning" to call home escaping cows

Yesterday (3 july) the cows in our village escaped out of their fence, and were on the way of of the village to the woods. For the first time in my life I re...

Hey DIY-ers! If you EVER need a stack of plastic tubs or an egg carton divider, we have LOTS.

Come and take what you can use!

Hey, remember our kefir post?

Check it out: We just got a shipment of GOAT MILK KEFIR in.

If you think that cow milk is too sweet or difficult to digest, goat milk might be your new favorite thing. The fat molecules are smaller, and the taste is tangier. Goats don't give as much milk so the products are always at a premium, but we have the connections to make sure we're always getting the good stuff.

Kefir isn't your thing?

We have:

- SPREADABLE goat butter
- RAW goat milk
- goat FETA and goat CHEDDAR
- and of course goat yogurt

[01/01/17]   Establishing good intestinal bacteria is linked to the ability to maintain a healthy weight, and the easiest way to do it is probiotic "drinkable yogurt" aka kefir.

Kefir is an excellent way to repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria that will push out the bad stuff that you've collected over a holiday season stuffed with sugars and other junk that have thrown your biochemistry off-kilter.

Cultured products are different from regular milk because they last a long time-- often good 4 weeks past the date….sort of like aging cheese. It should taste tangy and have a slightly fizzy flavor.

We carry a local favorite, Nancy's Blueberry kefir, the much more difficult to find Grace Harbor Raspberry, Helios Organic Coconut & Honey, and the tried and true Lifeway Organic Plain.

We even sell kefir grains, which are little curds that you plop into your fresh milk and it turns fizzy overnight! How, you ask? The bacteria eat the lactose in the milk! So the end product is naturally (almost) lactose-free.

You don't do dairy? We sell water kefir grains that survive on simple table sugars. Your tea can be tart'n'tangy!

I know it sounds like witchcraft, but these products are natural, made by Mother Mature herself, evolving from billions of years of natural selection.


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